Do you work with agressive dogs

Yes, we work with any breed, size or issue!

How are you different from other trainers

We are different from other dog trainers in many ways. However the biggest differences between Fido Fidelis and other trainers is, we take a true custom, balanced approach to training your dog as well as you. Which is why we offer Commitment Based Training! No matter what your dog's issue or how long the training may take we will not give up on your dog or you!

what area do you cover?

Our main service area covers North and Central NJ as well as, Rockland & Orange County (NY) and Manhattan. If you are not sure if you fall in our service area give us a call, we have made exceptions to travel outside of our service area as long as you are committed to the change!

Can'T I just learn to train my Dog online?

If you are looking for the basics of training,(sit,paw/shake, etc) there are a lot of resources available to you, and we encourage you to do research on any training available (including ours). The cases we get require professional help. And for some people and dogs having a skilled guide through the process, can make good results... great results.

DO you work with muliple dog homes?

Yes. Many of our clients have two or more dogs in the home.

i've been told my dog is beyond help. Is that true?

Absolutely not!!! Your dog probably hasn't been told what they can and can not do in a way that they understand. We can help you bridge that gap in communication!