Board and Train 


While walking through the training process alongside your canine companion is undeniably an amazing and transforming experience, we understand that this isn’t always possible or preferred. Maybe you don't have the time or have the ability to change your dogs’ behaviors, or simply just prefer that your dog be well trained in as little time as possible. 

Our Board and Train program is an intense 2-3 week (maybe more if needed for your dog) live in training program, where your dog will become confident with the basics, overcome their behavior problems and advance their social skills and obedience. Having your dog stay with us and work 1-on-1 with our Lead Trainer every day can have a well trained dog brought back home to you. This program includes  mandatory maintenance lessons after the dog returns home to ensure that your dog remains well trained and behaviorally balanced.

Due to the commitment and intensity of this training, our Board and Train programs are scheduled at a first come, first serve basis and spaces are limited. 

Contact us now to schedule a consultation to determine if our Board and Train program is the right path for you!