We get the results you want and need, even when other trainers have failed!

We hear very often from our clients that we are not their first, second, or even third trainer or class they’ve gone to. We don’t operate like other dog trainers who charge by the hour or lesson. Our In-Home Training programs are commitment-based! That means we work with you until all of your training goal have been met, no matter how long that takes. We value the relationship we have with every client and their dog, which is why we treat each of them as part of our own pack, because the pack always looks out for each other, if you ever run into a problem later in your dogs life, you can call us and we will be happy to help!

Every dog and owner has a unique situation and that is why we DO NOT cookie cut our training. All of our training programs are custom fitted for, you, your dog and your lifestyle. This allows for the owner and trainer to make adjustments in the training plan as necessary based on the dogs needs. Your trainer will assess your dogs behavior, environment and needs and develop a training program suited to your training goals!


We are recommended by a number of veterinarians and rescues in the North Jersey and NY areas because we get results. We are extremely proud of the success stories from our pack members.

Reach out to us now to book your no-obligation consultation!

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